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Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, located in a beautiful beach city Yantai, Shandong province, which is well known as “Home Town of Apples”. With advanced leadership, scientific management and good corporate reputation, Yitian company developed quickly and become a producer of global high quality agricultural products supply chain.
In 2004, Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd was one of the earliest enterprises that exported Chinese Fuji apples to EU countries. In 2009, Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd became the exclusive fruit and vegetable supplier of the largest supermarket LIDL (owns more than 8000 chain stores) in Europe. In 2011, Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd became the largest pomelo exporter in China. And in the same year, Yitian company set up purchasing base in South Africa and Southeast Asia, and established companies in Europe and Dubai, combining with companies in Dubai, Europe, Thailand to develop global procurement business. 2016 Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd  to become the European supermarket KAUFLAND Chinese fruit、vegetables,the exclusive supplier,quality control system and pesticide control effect fully meet the stringent EU supermarket standards.Till 2016, Yitian company had been acquired GLOBEL GAP certificate (Good agricultural practice) for 9 years and acquired BRC certificate of quality management system for 3 years.
Our aim is integrity-based, safety first, nature produce, quality life. Yitian company has been focused on the fruit and vegetable plantation, preservation, transportation and sales for 13 years. Under the background of fast development of import & export trade, Yitian company adheres to export every fruit and vegetable under carefully selection, full cold chain transportation and strict quality control, aiming to provide customers fresh and healthy taste experience and nature quality life. Future Yitian company will continue upholding the principle of supplying excellent fruits and vegetables and go further in the track of global strategy development project.

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